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Group therapy pycho - educational, workshops and counselling
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Group therapy pycho educational workshops and counselling

Estructure and Method


Group sessions of supportive-expressive and psycho educational therapy during which didactic material is presented, intermixed with a variety of experimental exercices and homework assignments.

Discussion groups and group dynamics led by a professional who is working in a estructured teaching units through individual activities, group and role playing.

Common topic Sessions

Interpersonal relationship and social skills

(Family) communication

Love, couple and relationships

Emotional Intelligence

Self-steem and body image

Effect of illness on the family

Reordering life values,personal goals

Coping with problems and learning from each other

Domestic violence (gender role)

Drugs and teenagers

Sex and teenagers


reinforce your own strengths, resources and coping skills  and contribute to your health and wellness on a long-term basis; mutual support; Improve social and family support; Greater oppenness and emotional expressiveness; integration of changed self and body image; Improve coping skills; Improve relationships; developing a life project; Enhance quality of life.

You can look at the spanish version of my website for more information about all my work related with the clinical and health psychology. All content is in Spanish!

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