Sandra B. Císcar | Laughter workshops in Ibiza
Benefits of sharing smiles & laughs in the workplace. Laughter therapy and laughter workshops are related to team building programs and business incentives.
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Laughter workshops in Ibiza


Laughter workshops act as a Motivational pill with direct effects on the work climate and absenteeism.

Laughter workshops are a unique type of training that strengthen the team and at the same time improve the image of your company.

The global economic crisis has contributed to the creation of a climate of uncertainty, mistrust and above all a lack of commitment by the employees. 

Internal Communication programs and team coaching, or more intensive activities like team building have a positive impact  on your co-coworkers. It’s well known that positive connections among employees spur engagement!



1. Laughter Therapy, Laughter Workshops and Company Incentives:

Reward your staff, give incentives to them. It’s time for your team to receive a reward. Take a break and have a great time for a couple of hours!

2. Laughter therapy and laughter workshops reduces stress:

Humor is the anti-stress and negative energy antidote par excellence. It is the best tool to get rid of stress and tension generated by the working day. Laughter therapy is the medicine with no side effects!

3. Laughter therapy and laughter workshops strengthens the team:

Laughter is the best technique to improve the work enviroment and promote productivity: it generates trust and cohesion among the group. Laughing reduces the distance between people, eases tension and  more so, is a highly contagious epidemic which improves communication amoung the team

4. Laughter Therapy, laughter workshops and Internal Marketing:

Laugh workshop  improves the perception of co-workers and clients of the organization. Laughter therapy for businesses is a motivational pill with direct effects on productivity, absenteeism, and emotional intelligence.

5. Laughter therapy is a unique training: Laughter workshop

Laughter workshops are an ideal complement to carry out an original, motivating and resolutive workshop. They bring the best individual and group capacities to the surface.

6. Laughter therapy and laughter workshops: Fun at work

Turning work into a fun activity is not a joke!

Thanks for listening. If you have questions, feedback, or general feelings, feel free to email me!  🙂

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