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Internal Communication

Use the Internal Communication of your organization as an ally for achieving your business objectives

Effective Internal Comunication is that which produces the exact results we desire and nothing else. Internal Comunication is a tool that allows each collaborator in an organisation to be organized in order to achieve their business objectives.

Auditing in the internal communication of your organization involves a series of concrete, measurable and effective actions. Companies use internal communication to set up strategies, meetings, handle corporate affairs, and handle all other behind the scenes issues.


In order to have good Internal Communication…


Start to diagnose, plan and manage communication from a more strategic place: your collaborators. It is people, not technology, who are the true creators of value.

Services: Support before, during and post interventions


  • Design Internal Communication Manual: communicating your brand.
  • Job descriptions and competencies: job design is the process of organizing tasks that are required to perform a job. design by competencies.

Consultancy, training and coaching

Internal branding:

Build an internal branding strategy in a way that enhances the image, position and value of the brand from the inside and among all collaborators, in a very fun way!


Work with the main Internal Communicators of the organization: Leaders and middle management. Effective communication simply refers to what we do and say every day.

Together we make a diagnosis about the communication effectiveness between leaders and middle management. The fundamental aspect is to analyse where we are and who we count on.

Training and coaching: Working is not natural and innate. A common mistake is pretending that leaders know exactly what is expected of them. We have to explain clearly what their responsibilities are, as well as why and how they are imperative.

Bringing concrete values to the employees and effective running of the organization

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Sandra B. Císcar

Psychologist & Coach