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Corporate identity design

together, We enhance the value of your company

Corporate identity, just as individuals’ personality, is the image with which your company can be identified. Together we develop a strategy, culture, and communication in order to present a memorable “personality” to your employees and customers.


Corporate Identity is a strategic tool to position your brand. The brand must project customers expectations and promises in terms of quality, service, reliability and trus

Corporate identity is the core of any organsation’s existence, made up of its history, beliefs, people, cultural values and strategies. It precedes and represents the basis for its image and reputation. Corporate identity refers to three different areas: corporate design, communications and behaviour.


A strong corporate identity helps…


To determine the positioning of your organisation  in terms of its markets and competitors: setting values and principles held by the brand.


To set goals and objectives: the value of one’s vision, purpose, values, ethical stance and leadership .
To  identify the key dimensions we need to focus on: employees, customers, identity, brand personality, communication, and HR initiatives.


To Define its organizational culture (The values and behaviors that contribute to the unique social and psychological environment of your organization).

Build corporate personality.

Strengthen spirit of belonging and leadership.

Promote new products and services.

Generate favorable public opinion.

Optimize investments in communication.


To design an organizational structure: improvement of human capital as a starting point for growth.

Internal and external environmental analysis of your company.

Defining your key messages.

Set up communication and brand objectives (products / services).

Define the identity communication strategy: segmentation (definition of clients).


We transmit stability and make the company bigger “we are here to stay” with clear images and messages (consistent visibility and communication)

We create memory footprints: it helps to remember who you are. It separates the business from the competition by having a unique brand that differentiates it in the market.

We build customer loyalty and trust: A strong brand that reflects your values builds an emotional connection with customers. This type of connection makes it easier to develop a long-term relationship.

We show commitment and personal pride: investing in a unique brand identity shows pride in the business and commitment to success.

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Sandra B. Císcar

Psychologist & Coach