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Great work of Corporate Identity and Internal and external Comunications with Happinez Ibiza Team's. Example of theme for a concept store is Ibiza Life Style, If you look around , you might find several concept stores in Ibiza. But not one like Happinez Ibiza. Thrust me, and Check it about yourself!!
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Concept Store Happinez Ibiza

HAPPINEZ IBIZA, a concept store in Ibiza. Located in Sant José

It’s the Concept Store in Ibiza where you will find a great variety of products of decoration and fashion, latest trends, fair price and personalized treatment. Offer updated and renewed periodically.

What is  Concept Store?

A concept Store is a kind of shop like a mix between art, Culture and fashion.
A concept Store brings to shoppers a large range of items with one centralized theme.

What is different about a Concept Store?

Classic department store
Mono brand (flagship) store
Fashion boutique
Furniture store

An Example of a Concept Store in Ibiza is Happinez Ibiza.  They show a very particular and unique lifestyle, it’s a space where art, culture and comerce are all together. All the products in this Concept Store add to the theme of Happinez Ibiza, even though they migh be different categories altogether. Shoes, shirts, books, perfums, forniture in Happinez Ibiza contribute to the theme!

First Seeing · Happinez Ibiza is one of these shops with charm.

This Concept Store is designed for people who love Ibiza lifestyle, the freedom, fresh and colorful atmosphere of the island. There are several concept Stores in Ibiza, but this one is The One. I´ve had the feeling that we were going to work well together since I first I met one of the owners.

In case you haven’t heard, Happinez Ibiza is currently in the middle of San Jose road. While you are looking for things to decorate your home, you might find other complements like books, clothes and so on, that represent your love for living in Ibiza. So, at Happinez Ibiza, you will find everything you need to furnish or decorate your property, but keep an eye because it’s not only about decoration!

Do you have your second residence in Ibiza?

If you are one of those who loves changing the decoration of your house from time to time, you will be welcome for coming to this concept store in Ibiza. You wont feel afraid of don’t finding the last trends with the best price ensured! 

Are you planning your holidays in Ibiza?

If you are in Ibiza on holidays and you are looking for spaces with charm you cannot miss the chance of visiting the store!

Exclusive and friendly Customer Service

While you discover the store, you can have a coffe, drink a cup of wine, and why not, have a talk with the team of HI! They are always happy to help!

What benefits will you find with Happinez Ibiza?

  • Customer service: in short, we strive to offer open and professional service with close and personal treatment.
  • We recommend remarkable locations, beautiful accommodation and a Spanish real estate market.
  • To Feel the soul and happinez of being in Ibiza.
  • Honest prices.
  • Comfort.
  • Trust in being up-to-date.

What makes so different the store Happinez Ibiza?

When you get into the store, there is something extraodinary about the space. Upon first visit, you realise that Happinez Ibiza offers you the chance to decorate your house and much more. Shopers can advise you about the new trends in the market. Thru the design of the shop and the trust relationship with the workers generates a unique experience of shopping!

This concept store was born thanks to Merel’s passion for interior decoration and fashion, as well as her innovation and creativity. Merel, after 10 years working with Happinez Ibiza, she is now the general manager and reponsible for this innovative project. She goes to different fairs and furniture exhibitions around Europe in cities such as Paris, Rome and Madrid every year.  She loves being up to date with the latest tends, choosing products and takes great care in selecting each item and how they are presented.  She’s created a growing community of loyal customers.

Every now and again this store changes, and this is how they ensure their loyal clients always come back to see the most current novelties.

The management of Happinez Ibiza is creating unique space, they approach their business with a personal touch. Merel, the manager doesn’ t just care about the selection of their products, she also cares about people, with people I refer clients and employees. Because it is people, not  things or technology, who are the true creators of value!

Nowadays it’s really common to hear or read about the passion and love for what we do, about the soul and the shopping experience, and then, when you visit the store suddenly realizes that it’s all marketing! You won’t get disappointed when you go to this Store, it’s make it with real love.

If I had to describe Merel in one word it would be happiness. Merel has extended the idea of a traditional Decoration Store to a decoration concept store offering a curated selection of furniture, clothing, etc.

Merel’s personality is reflected at Happinez Ibiza. She is flexible, strong, sociable, friendly, really attentive, calm, happy, cheerful, confident, creative and always has a smile on her face. These characteristics are all together the most representative of the store and the team.


Their  philosophy is providing full emotional and sensory experience.

  • They create trend follower
  • Personal touch with all items and accesories for your house.
  • A mix of touch and feel makes you feel a real experience.
  • Easy access. Good location between Sant Josep and Ibiza Town. Located at 2km from San Jose town.
  • Too easy to find this Concept Store located in Ibiza! also they have a great parking.
  • Fashion and accesories for young and middle age people
  • Competitive prices
  • Languages spoken: dutch, english, spanish and german
  • Web up to date.
  • latest trends…

Custommer service:

Happinez Ibiza has built a strong Customer Loyalty becuse of the treat you recived and because of the disponibility and confidence about the newest things in the market.


Having an enjoyable store atmosphere where everyone feels at home and a member of a growing family. they seek a complete “relationship experience” with every member of H.I. to improve the quality of our customer service and to position Happinez Ibiza as a reference to Ibiza.


To provide quality products to people of every age and lifestyle under one roof, that means, to Provide a wide variety of stylish home and textile products at competitive prices, looking for customer satisfaction that results in a solid and growing customer base.

Values: honesty · commitment · variety

what else can we ask for?

Example of theme for a concept store is Ibiza Life Style, If you look around , you might find several concept stores in Ibiza. But not one like Happinez Ibiza. Thrust me, and Check it about yourself!!

My little Contribution: Internal Communications work and Identity Corporate in Ibiza

Merel and I work together in order to find the way to transmit and show to the whole world the essence of Happinez Ibiza.

First, we started by defining a strong corporate identity and then we focused with the Internal Communication of her organization as an ally for achieving the business objectives. We manage communication from a more strategic place: her collaborators. Why? Because it is people, not technology, who are the true creators of value!

Effective communication simply refers to what we do and say every day, no matter who, clients, employees, collaborators, etc.

Then we design together some actions of sales & customer services, training and coaching: because working is not natural and innate. A common mistake is pretending that our employees / people know exactly what is expected of them. We have to explain clearly what their responsibilities are, as well as why and how they are imperative.

Bringing concrete values to the employees and effective running of the organization.

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