Sandra B. Císcar | Business & Executive Coach
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Business & Executive Coach

Personal characteristics & Qualities

What personal qualities do top coaches possess that separate them from the good coach? Is it more the training or the inner qualities? Is it more coaching technique or the artistry? Is it more coaching knowledge or its application? Is it more natural talent for helping people or cultivated abilities? Is it insightful analysis of people or an abiding presence with them?

The best coaches are those who give honest, realistic, challenging, feedback, are good listeners and suggest good ideas for action. Beyond looking for specific qualifications, experience and knowledge, it is important to look for coaches who have certain qualities, skills or personal characteristics that are critical to successful coaching. Different qualities may be needed depending on the specific individual, the problems and the organizational context. There are some general skills that characterize effective coaches. These include:

  • Self-awareness and self-knowledge.
  • Clear and effective communication skills (verbal and non-verbal).
  • Relationship-building skills (including ability to establish rapport).
  • Flexibility of approach.
  • Listening and questioning skills.
  • Ability to design an effective coaching process.
  • Ability to assist goal development and setting, including giving feedback.
  • Ability to motivate.
  • Ability to encourage new perspectives.
  • Ability to assist in making sense of a situation.
  • Ability to identify significant patterns of thinking and behaving.
  • Ability to challenge and give feedback.
  • Ability to establish trust and respect.
  • Ability to facilitate depth of understanding.
  • Ability to promote action.
  • Ability to build resilience.

They are open to new ideas and philosophies. They study psychology coaching seriously and take coaching seriously. They care about the person across from them.

To learn more about how coach training can help you become a better change agent, contact me!

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