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and welcome to my web

I feel really lucky to have had the opportunity to work in different areas and with different professionals who have enriched my life and taught me different ways to solve problems. Being exposed to different clients helps me to develop my ability to communicate ideas and solutions in different formats. This is crucial for a professional psychologist.


I thank people who have awaked my creativity, critical thinking and have encouraged self-mastery.

I have a confession to make: I’m a musician since I can remember, I’ve been playing clarinet for more than 20 years. Music has taught me all kinds of things that during a large part of my studies and career development I couldn’t develop.


I realise that thanks to music the following competencies are now ingrained in my mind:



Emotional intelligence














Active listening









Psychologist? No, when I was a child

I wanted to be a veterinarian

I have to say that when I was a child I wanted to be a veterinarian, but soon I realized human beings are the animal species that fascinate me the most, and I also relate better to people than I do to other animals!


Psychology is a science with infinite practical possibilities and is applicable to any context. This makes it a permanent challenge! Nowadays we are in a revolutionary moment. Yet like never before, psychology is being legitimized and integrated into society!


Psychology produces useful knowledge, knowledge that benefits all of society. Psychology’s usefulness and acceptance by the general public has been rising.


I am glad that the business world (departments and companies of communication, image, design, advertising…) is realising that better to use the brain we have rather than fight against it!

in 2014 I turned my life around and my career took an unexpected twist

In 2014 I decided change the way I was use to working and I opened the First Coworking Space in Ibiza with my collegue Salva Carbó. Coworking is a new style of work that involves a shared working environment: it allows professionals from different sectors to share office, contacts, resources and knowledge.


So yes, I will always be able to say this: we are the pioneers in establishing concept of coworking in the island of Ibiza. In 2015 we were awarded by the Balearic Innovation Factor (FDI), a high performance center dedicated to the development of the innovative potential of companies.


The idea is very simple: professionals work better together than they do alone. Cowork Ibiza was born from the need to create better work spaces, expand our business opportunities and facilitate specialization. It allows us to increase the value of our services.


We foster cooperation between companies and create work teams by projects (www.lombrastudio.com).  

The practice of Coworking emerges as the alternative that professionals take to adapt to the 21th century workplace.


Coworkers are inspired by the culture of participation and communication 2.0. We are a group of connected companies that have the vision of a new economic engine composed of collaboration, openness, accessibility and community, unlike the economy of the 19th and 20th centuries. We are building a Culture of Participation and Intercultural Business Communication 2.0.


For me it is a special management challenge because in addition to being a business, Cowork Ibiza is a way of working and carries with it a whole philosophy and working culture. Managing Cowork Ibiza is managing the space, people and work climate … This is what I find so interesting and challenging!


Do you want me to tell you how I manage the climate, culture and communication 2.0 of Cowork Ibiza?


What can offer you?

Join a specialized internal communication, has been one of my recent dreams 🙂

My desire to join aninterdisciplinary team who wishes to incorporate the point of view of a psychologist

Work serious and fun at the same time.

Creative and constructive work. Together we will develop action plans to meet your needs or those of your organization in the areas that you request. From an integral and multimodal perspective, always through strategies, tools, techniques, protocols or treatments supported by scientific evidence.

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    Sandra B. Císcar

    Psychologist & Coach