Sandra B. Císcar | The benefits of using team coaching games
The benefits of using team coaching games.Why should you play team caching games at work? Team building in Ibiza and Formentera: Company incentives & Team building. Fun workshops and activities for your company and clients.
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7 benefits of using team coaching games

Team building in Ibiza and Formentera

1. Team building games are fun

When we are having fun, we have more energy; energy contributes to   motivation, and with increased motivation ,we are more productive. Playing games can revitalize a team and build morale!

2. Team building games are safe

Games, team building actions and Incentives for companies provide a safe enviroment for individuals and teams to learn through trial and error. Mistakes and failure usually provide valuable lessons.

It’s well known that oftentimes, failure leads to something better, I mean, failure inspires creativity and innovation. Companies and their leaders may encourage teams to try new things; however, if those new things result in failure, there may be repercussions.

In the context of games, team members can explore, take risks, try out new skills, and make mistakes without the threat of extreme consequences.

3. Team building games reveal team dynamics

While playing games, the team is able to consider its strengths and weakness. through games, team members can observe how they navigate change, how they interact under stress, and what roles they take on in a variety f situations. these dynamics and more can be observed and processed in the safe environment of the game.

4. Team building games build self-awareness and awareness of others

Through games, team members are given the opportunity to try new roles, and to beecome aware of their function on the team and how they contribute to the team unit. Team building games also provide an opportunity to see team members in a new light. Hidden skills are uncovered and personalities shine, which can open up exciting new possibilities. 

Even more, the discussion allows time for reflection. Here, team members can build awareness by examining their own performance and contributions. The discussion is also a time for team members to recognize the contributions of others.

After that, I provide a team and individual analysis to build more self awareness on the team.

The first step in building trust is creating an environment where team members can begin to build a deeper level of connection and comfort with one another. Games accelerate this process.

Choosing the right games we create opportunities for deeper levels of self-disclosure, which increases vulnerability; a willingness to be vulnerable lays the groundwork for trust.

5. Team building games remind team members of the value of the team 

I gonna tell you a little secret: Many of the games contain a component of competition versus collaboration. Even the word game incites the competitive spirit!  When transferred to the workplace, competition leads to distrust and unwilligness to share information. Through playing games, team members becomee aware if the value of teamwork. They get to experience the results when a collaborative approach is taken.

6. Team building games provide learning opportunities

Games are a wonderful learning tool. Each game provide lessons, skills, and experiences that team members learn by playing the game. Better problem solving, improved decision making, clearer communication, and more effective interpersonal interactions are examples of skills the team learns and practices while engaged in the game.

7. Team building games foster long-term retention

Because of the active-learning nature of games, teams not only learn more, but they retain the lesson longer. The high level of engagement carries through to the post-game discussion. The debriefing discussions provide a way to connect what team members learned and experienced to the way they get their work done on a typical day.

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