Sandra B. Císcar | Team Building: fun workshops & Internal Branding
How to Plan a fun workshop and a team building event everyone will enjoy. Team building events, incentive-based and fun workshops through the coaching team perspective. Team building activities - for your event or incentive - includes training and internal branding actions as well as workshops.
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Team Building: fun workshops & Internal Branding

Fun workshops and team building in Ibiza 

Unique and enjoyable team building events, incentive-based and fun workshops through the coaching team perspective. 

Team building is a very fun tool of team coaching. Team Coaching is a broader approach that incorporates team building, coaching and facilitation tools to ensure the team reaches its goals.

Together, we design and organize unique and enjoyable workshop for your company.  Experiential workshops give us first-hand opportunity to examine different viewpoints of the same reality.

Fun games for the organizations always have a purpose. They are not just for fun. My goal is that your event is fun, different and personalized.

As a psychologist I love designing contexts that allow us to think and act “outside the box” and build a positive team culture. 

How to Plan a fun workshop and a team building event everyone will enjoy

When I prepare a Team building’s day journey first at all I need some information about your team because using the right game at the right time is the key.

I ask you a few questions, in order to know:

  • What stage of the group formation is the team
  • If the team needs to work through any issue
  • What are the skills you need to practice or improve
  • What would stretch the team in new ways

Why do the stages matter?

First, it is very helpful to know that there are stages and that it is normal for all teams to go through these stages. Second, it enables us to identify the stage of development for given group or team and assist the movement through that stage by managing the communication, visioning, and other dynamics among team members.For example: if there is low trust, I can deploy trust-building exercises. When the team is unclear or not in alignment about its purpose, there are games and techniques to focus on to help determine the team’s collective priorities.

Assessing the stage a team provides insight into which game will provide the right amount of challenge, which game will allow for the greatest growth opportunity, and which game will have the greatest impact on the team.

What to expect?

Working as a team is not something that we born with, it’s not natural and innate for human condition. So, team members cannot be expected to develop on their own in the same direction; They need communication, trust and a vision of where they are going.

Team coaching games can be played to help team cohesiveness, break the ice, and prepare the team to move forward together.

We always need to define the objectives and to set the context sections of each game in order to determine which games will best serve the specific goal you wish to accomplish.

use discussion questions that help in guiding the conversation to debrief the  activity, to verbalize the lessons learned, and, where appropriate, to discuss how to take the learning back to work in order to help the team move forward.

Using an experienced, capable team coach with a specific process and using the right team coaching games can vastly impact the learning and performance of team members to move through the stages and reach your stride more quickly. 

Teams that have fun together are better able to retain knowledge , break down barriers, and build stronger relationships.

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