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Company incentives & Team building. Workshops and activities that encourage the participation of companies and institutions that are seeking a connection with their co workers and collaborators
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Team building and incentives in Ibiza

Team building, team coaching and incentives in Ibiza

People work most effectively when interaction with others they know and trust. Team coaching games, whether used with an intact work team, a project team, or an entire organization, enable people to build trust and rapport, which can lead to better outcomes.

Team building refers the various activities undertaken to build rapport among the team members and increase the overall performance of the team.

You can’t expect that team members will perform on their own; they need communication, trust, and a vision of where they are going.

Team building activities consist of various tasks and games that will work to strengthen the bond among the team members toward one another and toward the achievement of their objective.

Team building is an element of team coaching. Team coaching provides more of a big picture approach and incorporates elements of team building, coaching, and facilitation to ensure the team reaches its goals.


 When can we use team caching games?

Team coaching games are versatile and can be used in a variety of situations!

  • As a quick icebreaker to set a positive tone.
  • As the framework for a retreat.
  • At the beginning of a meeting.
  • To illustrate important points.
  • to reveal areas of potential concern.
  • To increase awareness of the team’s strengths and opportunities.
  • To be a springboard for a deeper discussion.
  • To provide a metaphor or touchstone that the team can reflect upon.
  • To create a common language.
  • to provide a safe entry point to crucial conversations.


If you think games are a waste of time, I encourage you to think deeper, reflect more, and open yourself to the idea that games provide more than meets the eye.

Be open to the possibility that games can achieve a deeper level of connection with other team members and with the work to be done that meetings can accomplish!

Here 6reasons why should incorporate laughter therapy and laughter workshops into your organization.

Here 10 applications of laughter workshops!


Thanks for listening. If you have questions, feedback, or general feelings, feel free to email me!  🙂

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